Welcome to Sam and Steph's online gallery. Originally from Wyoming, Sam has had a passion for the outdoors since early childhood. His passions have included everything from camping and backpacking to hunting and fishing as well as working as a professional guide. Chances are if there is something to be experienced in the outdoors, Sam has done it.

Steph is originally from Colorado, and has also had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors since childhood. In 2005, Steph met Sam while photographing a grizzly bear in Yellowstone National Park and two years later they were married under the Tetons. Since then, the pair has been devoted to spending every chance they get in the field trying to capture the essence of what wildlife photography is all about.

Every photograph on this site was taken in the wild; you will not find any images of captive animals, such as those in zoos or game farms. As such, no animals were harmed or harassed in the process of capturing these images and all images are as shot.

Sam and Steph currently reside in Montana with their outdoor loving dog Zoey. They continue to fulfill their dreams by capturing stunning images of wildlife one click at a time. If you are interested in any images for editorial use, please feel free to E-Mail us using the link below.

Some of their credits include: American Hunter, Bugle, Cabela's, Eastman's Bowhunting Journal, Eastman's Hunting Journal, Field & Stream, Mule Deer Foundation, Muley Crazy, Outdoor Life, Turkey and Turkey Hunting, Montana Outdoors, Peterson's Hunting, Insight Magazine, Trapper Magazine, Predator Xtreme, Turkey Country Magazine and many others. Their images have also appeared on web sites, calendars and in brochures and other miscellaneous magazines across the globe.

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